Hip Hop Hooray! Lets Play… Ts&Cs

How it works:

1. Visit one of our stores to buy any of our delicious treats or coffees.

2. Take a leap with your feet together along the freebie ruler, and see what you get for free with your purchase.

E.g. You purchase a red velvet cupcake and a coffee. You will then get the opportunity to do a bunny-hop along the ruler. If your jump reaches the first goal, you will receives a vanilla cupcake (product to be chosen by the store) for free.


Competition Rules:

  1. The competition runs from 19-24 March.
  2. The competition will only run in our stores.
  3. The freebie may vary on a daily basis and is not refundable for cash.
  4. The freebie will be determined by the store, on the day.
  5. The freebie is non-negotiable.
  6. An opportunity to jump on the ruler for a freebie will be granted when a purchase is made in store.
  7. The store manager will approve the freebie.
  8. One jump per purchase.
  9. The jump needs to reach a specific goal on the ruler to be successful.

Get Inspired

  • Pink Passion Fruit Cake

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