Our Delivery Manifesto

A couple of months ago we introduced free delivery on any online order. Free delivery include areas in and around a 50 km range from Cape Town International Airport.

We are working around the clock to make our deliveries 100% flawless and perfect. But with unpredictable things like traffic, the weather, or a very busy route, that are out of our control, it is proving to be quite a difficult undertaking. Please know that we will persist to get it right!

That’s why we put together a Delivery Manifesto:

  • To do our best to deliver in the chosen time frame.
  • To work out the most effective delivery routes to ensure on time deliveries for all.
  • To keep customers up to date if a delivery will be late due to factors out of our control.
  • To deliver a cake that’s perfectly intact and delicious.
  • To offer a full refund if a cake didn’t arrive due to any of these reasons:
    • An uncaptured order where the order wasn’t in our schedule, but fully paid for.
    • A missed occasion due to extreme late delivery.
    • A cake being damaged during delivery.
  • To continually work hard to improve our delivery service.
  • To promptly answer emails at order@thevelvetcakeco.com if a customer needs delivery info.
  • To offer effective in-store collections as an alternative option.
  • To work hard on our delivery service and network to get to a 100% success rate.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Delivery Manifesto. We will continue to work hard on this service to ensure perfect deliveries to our amazing customers.